Doc 2 PDF Converter

Why we call it unique?
  • Effectively carries out quick and precise conversion
  • Converts both.doc as well as .docx files to PDF format
  • Capable to convert up to 50 files format in a single conversion cycle
  • Completes the conversion without disturbing the data structure, formatting and properties in the converted files
  • Converts Unicode Character
  • Enables you to impose encryption and local restrictions on newly-created output document
  • Retrieves data, OLE objects, images, forms, graphs, hyperlinks, tables and other information from Word files for conversion
  • Allows you to perform Page Settings while creating PDF
  • Round the clock technical support available
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Word for conversion, including MS Word 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95
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Word to PDF Converter Tool

Transferring a file containing important information is always better and safer in PDF format rather than doing it in Word format.

Well, if you are looking a DOC 2 PDF Converter Tool, There is nothing better than Kernel for Word to PDF Software. Whether you are looking to convert a single word document or multiple docs, The software is competent enough to handle any number of them easily.


There can be other ways of converting a Word file into a PDF file, like by creating a PDF document, then copying all the data, putting layout , structures, and maintaining the formatting. How much time and effort does it requires? Of course, a substantial amount of both. Therefore, it’s smarter to adapt to a quicker method. But with this converter software, apparently you get the quickest and the most convenient mode to perform your job.

This software is impeccably designed to help you meet the data sharing and manageability issues within the organization. The exclusive features of the portable documents raise the need to convert doc 2 pdf files into them. With this, you can create portable documents instantly with multiple conversion support. Every important attribute of the word file is restored in the newly created PDF file.

Why choose this software?

The routine and tedious task of converting a Doc file to PDF file format is made quick and comfortable with the convertor. It provides a convenient method to manage and share document. In addition, the application also allows the users to send only that amount of data that you wish to share with another person.

When it comes to capabilities, the tool can convert up to 50 file(s) to in a single conversion cycle. Moreover, the software is fully compatible with documents created using any version of MS Word, including 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95

How it helps?

Converting your Doc files means minimizing the efforts to share files online and also, doing it with utmost security. The Doc convertor allows the user to perform instant and accurate conversion of Doc files. The resultant PDF file will make sharing easier and maintain the data integrity of the file by eliminating the hassle of missing fonts, broken layouts, and lost images.

This software enables you to create portable documents and configure encryption as well as impose local restrictions on the newly-created files. This empowers the file owner to allow reader to perform limited activities on the file, like copying, printing or modifying it.

However, do not forget to install Ghostscript application. This Doc PDF Converter Tool will help you achieve the best and accurate conversion results only when Ghostscript is installed in your system. It is available FREE to download. The software comes embedded with driver software – PDF Printer to sustain the data integrity of the content. The driver gives best result in presence of Ghostscript. dowload free.


Free Evaluation Version

The convertor is also available for Free download as a trial version. It will assist you to analyze the ability of the software. With this, converting Doc files for free of cost is also possible. Use the trial version to evaluate the product. You can convert files with same accuracy and at the same speed, i.e. 50 files per conversion. The only drawback is that the newly created files will display a ‘“Kernel for Word to PDF Demo”’ stamp after every paragraph.